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Non-Recruiting Camps

Non-Recruiting Camps
Every year we have young athletes that are looking for additional camp opportunities throughout the year. This is an ever-evolving part of the sport where what is a quality camp can change every year. It is also important to remember that athletes cannot and will not be recruited prior to the summer before their junior year. While some of these camps have options for juniors and seniors, if you are attending prior to those years, you should only do so with the intent of receiving more competition or instruction, not because you expect it to impact your recruiting process.

One Percent Showcase – Several options throughout the year

NLF Futures at IMG – Held in January every year

Faceoff Academy National Showcase – Held in December-January every year

National Prospects ID Camp – 6th, 7th and 8th graders in June

Trilogy Future Aces – 5th-8th Graders

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